Who Am I?

I am a guy from Hong Kong who moved over to the UK about 10 years ago. The initial plan was to see the world by traveling and studying abroad. With an unpredictable turn of events, I fell in love with an Irish girl and ended up planting roots in a place half way across the world from my birth place.

Influenced by the combination of my shopping enthusiast mum and my dad, who is an electric engineer and my personal hero, I always enjoy playing and fiddling with new gadgets. Majority of the time, I buy them because I want them but not because I need them. To combat that initial urge to add to cart and type in my bank details every time I come across a fun looking gadget, I try to slow things down by spending time researching around the things that spike my interest. Only pulling the trigger when I can justify that it will indeed bring me happiness by making my life easier or intensify an enjoyable experience, rather than only satisfying the rush of dopamine from the instant gratification of spending money.

This website is just me trying to rationalise my shopping obsession and how I come to that decision. Hopefully, in the process, help you reason with your inner shopaholic or inner Scrooge.