Where It All Started!

This is it! We are doing this. After thinking long and hard, I have decided to start this blog. A blog where I can share with you what I am passionate about.

A little background story 

Since I was a little boy, I was always fascinated by all the little gadgets on the market, possibly influenced by my electronic engineer dad who was always reading about some new computer gadgets/tech. Then came the influence of my shopping enthusiast mum which made me one of the salesman’s favourite type of customer… “You can clip this sunglasses clip to your own spectacles and turn it into multifunctional glasses.” “okay, shut up and take my money.” And after I got to fiddle with it and finding out how it works and what it does, I realise I don’t even wear glasses. This cycle continues to repeat itself, some sort of gadget would come along and I would buy it then found out I don’t actually need it. But that didn’t stop me. There is this market in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong where I used to love to go with my dad every weekend when I was a kid. Partly because they have one of my favourite noodle restaurants right next to it, but mainly because the market sells all kinds of weird gadgets. If you know your way, I am almost certain you will be able to find all of the parts you need to build a rocket to compete with Elon. But instead of building a rocket and becoming the richest person in the world, here I am piling up my cupboard with all kinds of cool product idea that never actually have any use in my life.

Fast forward a little, I grew up, flew half way across the globe, fell in love, moved from big city to smaller city to even smaller city, got a job. The sucker for nifty gadgets in me never left. But instead of sunglasses clip or solar powered head nodding car display, I upgraded to put my attention to expensive tech products. “Cool! Look at that vacuum robot, I want one for my 10 sq. ft. bedroom…”, “See that smart watch? It has an ECG function, I want one just in case I have an arrhythmia…” Only issue is, like most people, my paycheck is not a blank cheque. So instead of just “add to cart” every time I see a new fancy gadget, I direct my excited energy on reading and finding out what I can about the product. That way, I satisfy my impulse on wanting to know more about the gadgets and having much better judgement in justifying my purchases if and when I do pull the trigger.

This is it.

Slowly, once in a while, friends and family will pick my brain when they want to buy some kind of tech gadgets either for themselves or for someone else. After some digging, I would lay it out and show them my thought process if I were to buy it myself. That’s when this blog idea came to mind. I thought if I could write something and lay it out how I justify my purchase, maybe someone will find it useful and appreciate the plain and simple “Why I Buy It?”.

I have put off this blog idea for a very long time. Just with everything, you can always find a million reasons not to do something. “The blogging world is so saturated, your voice will never be heard.” “You are just about ticking along over here with your speaking English, let alone your writing English.” are among those million. But with some encouragement from the boredom I got from lockdown, I decided this is it.

Why I Buy It.

This is a blog where I write about my shopping obsession and how I justify and rationalise my purchasing decisions. I will share my thoughts on actually using them, the good and the bad and if I would recommend it to anyone, all from an average consumer point of view. I don’t like the idea of setting a boundary to this, I want to talk about the tablet I got the other day but I would also like to share with you why I bought my new backpack and my new hiking shoes. I hope in this journey of sharing my thoughts, you can come away having a better idea whether you should buy it too or perhaps it is just another thing that you thought you needed.

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